My brother's engaged!

The loss of my grandfather this past August has made December less of a holiday to be jolly. Last year at this exact time my family and I were celebrating my grandpa's 88th birthday. My grandpa was the cornerstone of our family. Because of him (and my grandma), generations sprouted to form my now family. So of course his passing would have a ripple effect through all of us. Even though I lost a family member this year, 2015 did not end in tears. I also gained a new family member. Sarah. And one day Sarah and my brother will be the foundation of a whole new family that I will get to be apart of.

My brother proposed to Sarah this past weekend and we could not be more excited to plan and watch these two join in holy matrimony. The strongest bond they'll ever share, forever and after. Our family is so lucky to add Sarah to the Chavez clan. She is as pretty inside as she is on the outside! I'm so grateful my brother found someone who is beyond thoughtful, generous, always cheerful, and  A L W A Y S  welcomes you with a warm hug. Although not a requirement, I consider it a bonus that she also loves to dance to latino music and is always down to take a shot of tequila. WEPA!!! I think every family should have a Sarah in it- but you can't have ours, sorry.

Last year around this time I took my bro and Sarah out on a couple's shoot to make a crafty Christmas gift for them. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the shoot! Not much has changed from when I took these pictures a year ago- except the ginormous, gorgeous rock that now lives on her left, fourth ring finger! Holler! <3