My Sea Adventures Continue!

IT'S OFFICIAL! I will be snorkeling with sharks in San Diego this Sunday! I can hardly contain myself! Big shout out to SD Expeditions for having me on board. I will be lucky enough to be snorkeling alongside shark diving expert, SDX owner, guide and photographer Jimi Partington as well. I can't wait to learn firsthand about sharks and experience their majestic beauty. 

The tour I'm going on is called: Blue Shark Diving & Mako Shark Freediving/Snorkeling where we will be able to swim freely with Blue and Mako sharks. I'm hoping for some Hammerheads and other sea creatures to join the party as well! 

The confirmation email sent by the company had guidelines and procedures about shark behavior and how to "re-direct" their path if they get too curious. I cannot wait to be face- to- face or hand-to-snout with these animals, something I've dreamt about thousands of times! 

Life is too short, but so sweet! :)