DIY Halloween Fun!

Every year I make my own Halloween costume but this year was by far my favorite costume/s and the most fun to create!

First off- I'm obsessed with all things Tim Burton, he's my idol. I love his creative mind and the spookiness of all his characters. One of my favorite movies of his is The Nightmare Before Christmas featuring a good-hearted Pumpkin King named Jack Skellington

This costume was cheap and easy to create.

  • I purchased the shirt and gloves from Hot Topic 

  • A cute, fitted pair of black shorts from Forever21 

  • Black & white make-up from Spirit

  • My tuxedo shoes are from England so unfortunately I can't tell you where to get those. Pairing this costume with black/white converse or black boots would be my suggestion! 


Jack & Sally! 

Who doesn't want the love that Jack and Sally share in The Nightmare Before Christmas? I know I do! <3 Creating this perfect duo from scratch took more time than anticipated but was well worth it! 

We can live like Jack and Sally if we want. Where you can always find me. And we’ll have Halloween on Christmas, and in the night we’ll wish this never ends... wish this never ends.”
— Blink-182

For my Sally costume:

  • A yellow dress from Savers for $3
  • Fabric markers from Joann's 
  • Blue and white face make-up, red hair spray/dye from Spirit
  • Brown moccasin flats 

I filled my kitchen sink up with two hot pots of coffee and let my dress soak in it over night. I recommend using a pot for this instead. Make sure you use a wooden spoon to move the dress around and push out any air pockets. The coffee will dye the dress to give it a dim look similar to Sally's rag dress in the movie. 

Once I dyed and washed the dress, I was ready to start drawing! The picture of Sally below is what I used for my design. 


For my face make up I used a blue base coat and a white powder to achieve Sally's skin tone. Then added stitches, sprayed my hair red with two bottles of spray and I was done!  

For my boyfriend's Jack costume:

  • A black pair of pants from Savers- $6
  • A red sweater from Savers- $2.50
  • Two bottles of puffy paint- $2
  • Black and white make up from Spirit 

  • Santa Hat
  • Jack Skellington shirt & gloves- Hot Topic
  • Black & white Converse

I laid his pants flat on a table and used the fine tipped puffy paint to draw white lines on his pants to make the pants looks like they had pinstripes. I made sure the stripes were the same width apart as the stripes on the shirt. 


I wanted this Jack costume to have the Halloween on Christmas vibe so I added the Santa Hat and red sweater for more character! 

Final product! The skellingtons! :)