Bragging Rights.

For weeks Tracy and I have been working on her bowling strategy and technique. Tracy took second place in her bowling lane at the Four Peaks Special Olympics Bowling Tournament! She was stoked to get her medal but even happier to get her free hotdog and bag of chips. 

Special Olympics Bowling was unique for a few reasons.

  • I had never seen anyone in a wheelchair bowl before. The ramps made available to these participants were really cool! Tracy and I even ended up using a ramp because she couldn't throw the bowling ball down the whole lane without getting a gutter ball. 

  • I saw a participant who wasn't able to walk bowl by sliding on knee pads. Someone would set up the ramp for him. He would slide to get his ball, then slide to the ramp and bowl. It was moving to see someone so determined. While he refused to be wheelchair bound- I, myself might have given up or gotten lazy and used a wheelchair. It made me appreciate the fact that I am able to do such a simple thing as walk- which I don't give enough thanks for. He was a truly inspiring person to be around. 

  • Intimidation Nation. Quite a few participants were really good at bowling. I saw more strikes, spares, turkeys than I ever have! 

  • Pure Bliss. Watching participants celebrate their own and each others accompaniments on the lanes was awesome. Whenever someone bowled well it was like they had just won the lottery. So many high fives, hugs and shouts of joy. Even when someone bowled a gutter ball or only knocked over a pin or two, they still received praise. Everyone deserves compliments and praise, it makes you feel good inside. This is something I need to do more often. We live in a world where criticism comes often and unwanted, why add to that? 

Everyone should volunteer or help out with Special Olympics. It'll open up your eyes to so much and be well worth your time.