Underwater Bliss

I set out to San Diego expecting to swim with the sea community that basically looked a little like this in my head....

I quickly learned I wasn't as graceful as the Little Mermaid with my newly acquired fins. 

And also there were no sharks. You can't expect sharks to just show up because you're pouring fish scraps and blood in the water. They are highly intelligent animals and also sometimes too classy for fish market scraps. 

I wasn't disappointed or upset! I have to remember sharks are part of wildlife. One thing I love about nature and wildlife is it's unpredictability. When you get those awesome shots you can really appreciate them because part of it is luck and being able to trust yourself and the equipment.

The ocean requires patience. The animals aren't in captivity like at Sea World where I can walk through a glass tunnel and see them swimming all around me. They aren't paid actors that show up on cue. Or paid models who pose for me when I point my camera their way. 

I was lucky enough to see dolphins, whales, flying fish (which are really amusing), jellyfish, and I even spotted an underwater ray which is rare to see. The most unique part of the trip was seeing tons of Sunfish commonly known as Molas or Mola Mola. Coincidentally, I've wanted to see a Sunfish as far back as I can remember. I even made a list in 2011 of "Sea Creatures I Want to See" that included a Sunfish! 

I got a lot of awesome footage and can't wait to go through it all! Here's a screenshot from a video I took on a GoPro Hero3+ of SD Expeditions owner Kyle photographing a Mola Mola! 

More to come! :)