"Photographer" is everyone these days. Your mom, your neighbor, your friend. The internet has made us all a camera connoisseur. But don't mistake the perfect filter with quality. The real magic of photography starts with the person behind the lens. 

Born a true storyteller, I live for detail and originality. My passion for connecting people through eye-catching images seeps over to videography and website design. Creating is what I do best.

In all my years of shooting, I've been fortunate enough to shoot all kinds of people, places and things. Big events like the London Olympics and San Diego Comicon to numerous sports teams at the college and professional level and even food, toys and babys. You name it and I've probably shot it. Because of all of these unique experiences, I cannot declare myself as one type or one style of photographer. I shoot it all! 


When I'm not out shooting, I'm spending time with loved ones or loving: 


▹ Eating Pizza
▹ Traveling
▹ Toy & Comic Book Hunting/Collecting
▹ Spiderman
▹ Baseball
▹ Hiking
▹ Camping
▹ Fishing
▹ Horror/Comedy/RomCom Movies


▹ Fooseball
▹ ASU sports
▹ Backpacks
▹ Blue and Teal
▹ Hot Cheetos
▹ Polaroids
▹ Clorax Wipes
▹ Word Games
▹ My nieces & nephew

▹ Slow Pitch Softball
▹ Overpriced Planners
▹ Crafting
▹ Long Walks at Hobby Lobby
▹ Chocolate Candy
▹ Regular Manicures
▹ Playing Piano
▹ Numbers 1,5 & 8
▹ Dogs